Functional bedside locker

A large, comfortable bedroom bed and next to it a small but practical bedside locker on which you can put a book, your phone or a cup of tea – sounds like a plan for a well-appointed bedroom, don’t you think? However, choosing individual bedroom furniture is not as simple as you might think. For a bedside locker to be truly practical and functional, it has to meet certain requirements and at the same time meet your needs. If you always read a book before going to sleep, think about a cabinet with a storage compartment, so that your favorite titles are always at hand. If you only take your jewelry off in bed, choose a bedside table with a drawer to safely store small items like earrings or rings. Think about how you’re going to use it – do you want to keep a bedside lamp on it, or maybe just a small shelf that attaches to the bed to hold your phone or a mug of tea?

Bedside locker – what dimensions?

For a bedside table to be functional, it has to fit the size of the room. In a small bedroom, choose small bedside cabinets or wall-mounted models to save valuable space. If you choose a model with a drawer or shelves, pay special attention to its depth. A bedside table of 30 cm is usually sufficient. The height of the bedside table, on the other hand, has to be matched to the height of the bed. If you have a continental model, choose a taller bedside locker that you can reach easily.

What features do bedside lockers have?

We have a big choice of bedside tables and lockers that come with different features. You’ll find models with open shelves and ones with doors, depending on what you want to store in your bedside cabinets. An interesting piece of furniture is mobile bedside cabinets on wheels, which you can easily transport to any place you want. Many modern models are also equipped with LED lighting, which is not only practical but also creates a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. It is also worth paying attention to the system of opening drawers. A practical bedside table with a push-to-open drawer will work well in modern arrangements.