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High-flexible foam mattresses

Another category of more expensive mattresses will be those made of high-flexible foams. You can buy this kind of mattresses online. They have all the features of a healthy mattress – they allow for a perfect figure placement, provide support also in places of natural spine curvature and what is important – they are an anti-allergic material, resistant to the formation of fungi and moulds and the multiplication of mites. Due to these properties, they will work well in allergic bedrooms.

Highly elastic foams are extremely durable, and when reinforced with a natural layer of coconut – they can also be chosen by people with higher body weight.

Good mattresses are distinguished by their different design. Covers in such products are made professionally – often fitted with a zipper – they are easy to remove and clean. The filling is durable, not allergic, resistant to mould and fungus. Good mattresses can also be tested very often at home, in case of many furniture stores dublin, even for 30 days.

Similar quality to bonellow mattresses are the cheapest mattresses made of polyurethane foam – they are often not densely filled and have insufficient height. The foam mattress should be at least 15-16 cm long to ensure a suitable level of comfort. However, it is worth remembering that foam mattresses deform quickly – even after a short period of use, you can see that the surface of such a product becomes worn out and we are simply uncomfortable while sleeping.