How to choose a carpet for your interior?

It would seem that choosing a carpet is a simple and quick matter. But these are only appearances. It shouldn’t be a quick purchase, but a well thought-out topic. A well chosen carpet is a decoration of the room it is in, but otherwise it can effectively disfigure it.

Buying a carpet is often pushed to the very end – first we plan the floors, wall colours, furniture, mattresses online or other equipment, etc. And at the end there is a rug. Of course, this is not a mistake, because this element is somehow a complement to the interior design, but it is not such a trifle as a picture or a shelf on the wall and its selection and purchase should not be treated as such.

To start with, it is worth considering whether we want to have a more uniform or patterned carpet and what colour should prevail on it. Here it is best to suggest the previously selected accessories and colours of furniture. If there are already a lot of colours and patterns introduced in the room, e.g. on curtains or a sofa, it is worth considering a carpet in quieter shades and/or with little pattern. Similarly, if the room is dominated by calm, uniform colours, then you can go crazy with a carpet that will bring the interior to life.

Another thing is the size of the carpet – it should be neither too big nor too small. A beautiful floor exposes the carpet, it should not cover it too much. You should also consider opening doors – the carpet should end approx. 90 cm in front of the door, so that you can open and close it freely.

The carpet should not dominate the whole room, so it should not be laid all over the floor, but should also not be just a tiny addition, e.g. under a table. As an example we can give its size under a table with chairs – a properly selected carpet should go at least 1 meter beyond the outline of this furniture. In case of a bed in a bedroom – it should be large enough that when getting up from it in the morning we can stand on the carpet freely. It should also go beyond the outline of bedside tables.