How to remove wax from furniture?

Wax is a hard worker who requires the right tools for effective removal. How to deal with wax stains depends on the size of the stain and the type of surface on which the infiltration has occurred. How to remove wax from wood depends on whether or not you are dealing with a wax coating.

How to remove wax from waxed furniture?

While removing a fresh wax stain from the wax will not be a problem, old wax layers and deep soiling will require the use of solvent. How do I remove wax from a table, chest of drawers or wooden waxed frame? Use a special wax solvent that does not damage the wood grain and at the same time deeply cleans furniture, restoring its original colour.

How to remove wax from a wooden table or other waxed wooden furniture? Nothing simpler. Simply apply a small amount of solvent to the surface and spread it with a dust-free cloth rubbing the agent along the rings. Remove any remaining solvent with a clean cloth. Cleaning should be done methodically on small surfaces.

How to remove wax from unwaxed furniture?

How do I remove wax from furniture? If you are dealing with fresh wax, simply scrape it off with a hard and thin object – e.g. a credit card or ruler. Simply treat any residual wax with a furniture cleaner with a soft cloth.