Relaxation corner – how to arrange?

How to create a place where we can slow down after a hectic day? Here are a few ideas for the arrangement of a rest corner in the living room.

Arrangement of the resting corner

We usually look for the desired moment of relaxation in the living room or bedroom. While the space of the former usually favours rather afternoon naps, the living room more often becomes a place where we can get a bit comfortable – grabbing a book, a cup of tea, a remote control or playstation pad.

When arranging our rest corner, we usually put on a timeless trio: an armchair, a sofa and a table. Looking for ideas for a comfortable asylum, it is worth to reach for a modern combination of metal furniture with soft and functional furniture. We suggest how to do it.

Let’s start with a stylish solution, which can be found in various furniture catalogues. Cleverly designed, metal coffee table is a compact solution, which will work well both when you want to relax alone in your relaxing corner and during your guests’ visit. Thanks to the universal design the table will create a stylish composition with both traditional and modern furniture.

Table two in one

It’s basically two tables in one – designed in such a way that they can be quickly extended and retracted. Thanks to that you can easily fit on it not only a jug and cup of coffee, but also delicacies, a laptop (where you can browse e.g. the new Malow Home fanpage) or a board game. It’s a practical and modern shot in the arm, especially for small apartments and studios.

Soft landing

This ingenious design can be combined with a hairy shaggy carpet, which will particularly appeal to lovers of soft and comfortable solutions. In this way we will give the interior a bit of luxury or break down boredom in more modest minimalist salons. You can stretch out comfortably on it and in winter its soft fibers will cover our feet with pleasant warmth.

For those who prefer something less shaggy in their living room we recommend a soft pouffe. Among the dozens of available shapes and solutions we can choose for example colourful cubes, which will cheer up the arrangement and work well as a footstool or a locker, huge pouffes with filling (note: it’s easy to sink in them!) or designer models with a knitted cover. They will look particularly impressive next to metal furniture.