What marriage bedroom bed should you buy?

Having a separate bedroom is a comfort that is standard even in small detached houses. In the living room, which has many functions, we can only put up a sofa bed or a couch. The bedroom, however, is ruled by a bed. Its dimensions should be chosen both in terms of the household members who will sleep on it, as well as the size of our alcove.


Arrangement of a small bedroom is not an easy task if we want to create a comfortable and comfortable room. It is much easier to arrange a larger room, in which, in addition to the beds, we can freely set up bedside tables, dressing table or put a wardrobe with the best sliding door.


If the size of our bedroom is really modest, we have to choose a 140 cm wide bed – but this is really the last resort, which we will decide on only if the rack takes up space from wall to wall. If we have 20 cm more – let’s decide on the most standard bed size, that is 160 cm wide. If the width of the room makes it impossible to place the bed on the sides of the bedside cabinets – let’s think about the shelves on which we will mount the lamps, put up the alarm clock or put the book away before bedtime.


A 160 cm wide bed is sufficient for two adults. We can cover ourselves with one or two smaller duvets of smaller width. A mattress for such a bed is also standard. Ideally, however, if we manage to arrange two separate mattresses…


Such comfort can only be felt by owners of beds with the largest (in terms of standard values) size, i.e. 180 cm wide. On such a bed we can mount two separate 90 cm wide mattresses. Why is this so important? The mattress is selected for the person who sleeps on it. Depending on their preferences, height and weight, a particular model depends. A small woman and a tall man with a strong body structure will not always rest on the same mattress.


Sometimes we think that a large bed will be too overwhelming for the room. But let’s not forget about the purpose of the bedroom. The most important thing here is our comfort, so we shouldn’t save on centimetres when it comes to sleeping comfort. Light fabrics will add lightness to a solid bed: tasseled drip caps, down pillows, a veil hanging from the head. It is worth choosing a rack model with “slender” legs, which will also make the bed not so heavy.