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Which corner sofa to choose for the living room?

Leisure furniture is an important element of interior design. The corner sofa we buy should not only catch the eye with its appearance, but above all be comfortable and practical. What should we pay attention to when purchasing this piece of furniture?

The dimensions of a corner sofas

The corner sofa is the piece of furniture which takes up the most space in the living room. Its size should be adjusted to its area. A small room will be best served by a small, minimalist corner sofa. If you have a larger interior, you can easily decide on a larger piece of furniture. Especially recommended are modular corners. Their advantage is that individual elements of the furniture can be combined in any way you choose.

With or without a sleeping function?

A corner sofa with a sleeping function is useful in two cases. Certainly, it is worth buying it when you simply want to have one spare bed, e.g. in case of overnight guests. It is also a good idea when you want your living room to function as a bedroom. It will look much better in the living room than a traditional bed with a frame and mattress, which is rather reserved for bedrooms. Owners of bigger flats, where a separate room is reserved for a bedroom, may go wilder and choose a designer or classic corner sofa, which is only used for sitting and relaxing in front of the TV or with a favourite book.

Adjusted to your height

The ideal corner sofa is one that is individually adjusted to your height. Taller people should opt for deep seats that support the thighs along their entire length. Shallow corners are better for shorter and medium-height users. When sitting on them, they should be able to touch the ground with their feet. The backrest of the furniture is also important. It cannot be too low.

Frame and filling

What the frame of a corner unit is made of is very important. It may be made of solid wood or furniture boards. You can also find frames made of steel. The frame is filled with filling. It is most often filled with corrugated, Bonell or pocket springs or elastic seat bands. If the corner sofsa is to be used not only for sitting but also for sleeping, it is worth choosing a filling made of pocket springs.